Safe Journey Launches Safe Dating Website


By Chris Lash Publisher

Safe Journey based in Union City has launched a new website on safe dating. According to a press release, and the website, the new site informs both teenagers and parents warning signs and advice on safety issues, and violence in dating situations. It also gives advice on how to help a friend in a teen dating violence situation. The website address is safe dates matter dot org.

70% of women and 54% of men first experienced dating violence between ages 11 and 24. Safe Dates Matter was started by Safe Journey, a domestic violence services organization in Union City, Pa., as an education campaign for teens about dating violence. With the realization that 1 in 3 high school students experience physical and/or sexual violence by a significant other, Safe Dates Matter hopes to:

Educate teens on healthy dating practices. Teach teens and their parents to recognize signs of abuse. Educate community members on recognizing domestic violence, responding to domestic violence, and referring victims of domestic violence to free services offered by Safe Journey. Empower victims of abuse to get help.

Sometimes you may have questions regarding your own relationship, feel free to contact your Safe Journey Teen Advocate at 814-438-2675 or email to talk or get more info.