Union City Sidewalk Snow Reminder


Union City Sidewalk Snow Reminder

From Borough Social Media

This is a reminder that Union City Borough Ordinance 1110 (5)(E) requires sidewalks to be cleared within 12 hours after snow, ice or sleet has ceased.

A. Removal of snow, ice, or sleet from sidewalk within twelve (12) hours after the snow, ice, or sleet has ceased to fall or form. If the ice or snow is so hardened or frozen that it cannot be removed without injury, an owner shall sprinkle sand, sawdust, or salt to ensure that the surface of the sidewalk is safe for pedestrian traffic. The deposit or removal of snow, ice, or sleet onto Borough streets or other public roadways is prohibited.

Failing to clear the sidewalk may lead to a Quality-of-Life fine which starts at $25 and can go as high as $300.