As UC Senior Center Co-op Dissolves, Donations are made to Seven Non Profits


As UC Senior Center Co-op Dissolves, Donations are Made to Seven Non Profits

By Chris Lash and Staff Reports

The Union City Senior Center Co-op has announced they are ending the coop side of their organization, and have donated $167,000 to seven local non profit groups. The Union City Community Foundation, the Union City Volunteer Fire Department, the ambulance service, the Union City Historical Society, and Friends of the Library each received 15% of the donation, equaling just over $25,000. The majority of the money came from selling the Union City Senior Center, located at 27 Johnson St., to the Greater Erie Community Action Committee.

Union City Pride and the local food pantry each were given 5%. Union City Pride, $8,380.05 (5 percent) and Union City Food Pantry, $8,380.05 (5 percent). Union City Community Foundation plans to use some of the funds to give out scholarships in memory of Joanne Homa Patterson.

A ceremony was held on November 6th, with representatives of every group in attendance. In attendance were Larry Obert, chairman of the board of directors for the Union City Volunteer Fire Co.; Shirley Lafferty, treasurer of the Union City Ambulance Service; Jim Shreve, board member of the Union City Community Foundation; and Chris Slocum, director of the Union City Public Library.