Union City Police Make Two Drug Arrests on Active Warrants


From Union City Police Reports

Union City Police Make Two Drug Arrests. While on patrol, Union City Police pulled into the parking lot of Country Fair, 76 N. Main St., Union City, and noticed Thomas Wynkoop walking out of the store. Police were aware he had an active warrant through the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. Wynkoop was taken into custody and a search of his person was conducted. Police found several containers with a white crystalized substance, suspected to be methamphetamine, and other drug paraphernalia on him. Charges will be filed through District Judge Denise Buell’s office pending lab results.

Union City Police responded to 29 Pleasant St. on an anonymous tip that Joshua Clayton, who was wanted by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, was there at about 5:17 p.m. Oct. 8. Police confirmed the warrant and found Clayton in an apartment at the multi-unit dwelling. Police also found Clayton to be possession of drug paraphernalia used to smoke methamphetamine. He was transported to the police station and processed for the paraphernalia. Clayton was later turned over to the sheriff’s office for the warrant. Charges of possession of drug paraphernalia are to be filed at District Judge Denise Buell’s office.