Union City Man Arrested for Assaulting Police, Following Fake Shooting Report


From Police Press Release

An early morning 911 call Thursday morning about a possible shooting in Union City, led to police responding to 93 East High Street in the Borough. Police were met by a male juvenile, who told police that he was there to comfort a friend at the residence, over an argument involving a female and a love triangle situation.

The juvenile told police that two gunshots were fired from inside the house, while he and his friend were walking outside in the yard. He also told police, that while running, he looked back, and his friend was on the ground.

Union City Police surrounded the home, and investigated for 45 minutes, looking for a shooting victim, and shooting suspect, but found no evidence. During this time, Adam Elder, a 35 year old male, became highly agitated, combative, and uncooperative, according to police. So much so, police had to taser him, and take him into custody.

While at Corry Memorial Hospital for treatment, he assaulted an officer by kicking him in the groin, while they were placing him in a squad car for transport.

Edler was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Police continued to investigate for shooting victims, and guns, but found no evidence of a shooting.

Police also indicated that they don’t know why the event was reported as a shooting in the first place. They are also investigating the juvenile on the statements he made to police.