Bears Trample Mustangs


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UC shut down Mercer in the first two quarters, holding them 26-0. The offensive line opened a huge hole to help Caleb Stull find open field and the end zone for his 5th touchdown of the year. After being up 6-0, the defense quickly stopped the Mustang offense. Matt Krause and Stull assisted on a 2nd and 13 to give Mercer a difficult 3rd and long.

Union City’s quarterback finally took the field on UC’s 3rd drive of the game. After a holding flag against the Bears, Stull was able to push the team forward for another 1st down. When Tallin Henry (better known as Flash and Dash by announcer Jerry VanZandt) found the ball in his hands again, the offensive line opened up the field for an untouched 30-yard run. On 2nd and 6, Henry found the end zone for his first touchdown of the year, putting the Bears ahead 12-0.

The Mustangs’ offense quickly moved toward the goal-line on their next drive. On 3rd and 8, however, UC was able to turn the ball around. Stull intercepted a perfect pass at the 10-yard line. With the ball in their hands again, Union City’s offense continued to dominate the field. With the help off the O-line, Henry plowed through Mercer’s defense to move the Bears closer to the end zone. Stull also contributed with a 45-yard gain to the 5-yard line. At that point, Henry was able to push the Bears ahead by six more, 18-0.

It was not too long before Union City had another opportunity to score again. Henry again moved the Bears 45-yards down the field. On the next set of downs, an outstanding block allowed Danny Ruckman to go over the goal line untouched for UC TD and two-point conversion, 26-0. This would be the only two-point conversion the Bears would complete. The second half was not as productive for the Bears. After the Mustangs almost turned the ball over on downs, Union City jumped off sides to give Mercer an automatic first down. Mercer brought out a new running back, Logan Conner who found a way to end the Mustangs’ shutout and cut their deficit by 7 points. From there, Mercer’s defense and UC’S penalty flags kept the Bears from scoring again. Conner crossed the goal line again to produce 13 unanswered points.

The Bears did manage to score another TD by Logan Kesselring with 4:44 left on the time clock. Kesselring, Cain Greeley, Matthew Krause and the rest of the Bear’s offense were able to stop the Mustangs from scoring again. Union City ended the game in victory formation.

The Union City Bears will travel to Maplewood Friday, September 27th to battle the Tigers. Join in supporting the Bears at the Maplewood stadium or online at