Three Young Men Charged in 2017 Thefts In Union City


Three Young Men Charged in 2017 Thefts In Union City
From Press Release

Information provided from the Union City Police Department show Jacob Brown of Union City, along with Robert Orsini of Waterford, and Ryan Johnson of Erie face charges in connection to multiple thefts of motor vehicles, criminal trespass, and burgarly dating back to September 2017.

Residents had called and reported thefts from their cars and homes on Warden Street, and Prospect Street in the borough. Police also received reports from multiple victims regarding the rash of thefts from vehicles with an array of stolen items including petty cash, electronic devices, gift cards, etc. After a 7 month investigation, indentified Brown, and his partners Orsini and Johnson. Evidence of the Prospect Street and numerous thefts from vehicles, had been gathered leading to the arrests.

Union City Police Chief David Pernice said the prosecution of Johnson’s case just recently finished and he was sentenced in April. Johnson received a sentence of three to 23 months of confinement on the burglary charge. Brown were moved to the Erie County Court of Common Pleas where he was sentenced in February 2019 to 48 months, starting with 67 days of incarceration followed by three months of electronic monitoring and one month of intensive supervision with the remaining balance to be served on probation.

Orsini was charged in relation to all thefts from motor vehicle cases and those charges are being held and moved to the Erie County Court of Common Pleas. Orsini will be eligible to receive Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.

Police said all three defendants were ordered to pay back restitution to the victims for their losses. Pernice said he hopes the community understands that these cases take a while through the court system since everyone has due process rights in this country.