Erie County’s New Public Safety System Suffers Delay


Erie County’s New Public Safety System Suffers Delay
By Chris Lash

The county’s neew 26.5 million dollar Next Generation Public Safety system is now delayed until this fall, as EF Johnson, contracted by the county has to upgrade 1,600 portable radios, due to updated technology.

The last tower put up in the new system was here in Union City. The county began distributing the radios to police officers, firefighters and paramedics in October 2017. Under the agreement, JVCKENWOOD will replace all portable radios by early fall. Police and fire agencies will then migrate to the new radio system shortly thereafter.

The system was originally scheduled to go live at the end of 2018, but was delayed because of lengthy wait times to obtain licenses through the Federal Communications Commission. Those licenses also needed approval from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. Erie County received its final license in late December, a day before the federal government shut down for 35 days.

The new radios includes an instant-recording replay function, “man down” features, and Bluetooth and GPS technology