Union City Police Address A Potential Bomb Threat at Union City Middle-High School


Union City Police Department Address A Potential Bomb Threat at Union City Middle-High School
By Chris Lash

A news release last month by the Union City Police Department, Chief David Pernice inticated that he had received a phone call from UCASD Superintendent Matthew Bennett about an issue at the school, where a potential bomb threat had been written on a bathroom wall. Chief Pernice met with school officials and was told a student had reported the wording on a wall that “There is a bomb in the school”. The student reported it to a teacher.

Cameras are located throughout the school and footage showed the student who had written the message. It was deemed that there was no real concern. The student who wrote the bomb threat was a 16-year-old male who is facing a first-degree misdemeanor count of terroristic threats and a third-degree misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

It’s unclear what administrative actions were taken against the student by the school district. Bennett explained that UCASD officials are not at liberty to comment on disciplinary actions and student records.

Union City’s schools have many camera’s installed to deter individuals from committing criminal acts on school grounds. Chief Pernice said the press release was delayed as they waited for the school district’s action to be taken, and to consult with the Erie County DA’s office regarding charges.