Transfer Station, Park and Community Center Won’t Happen at Former Cherry Hill Property


Transfer Station, Park and Community Center Won’t Happen at Former Cherry Hill Property

In 2010 a fire destroyed the former Ethan Allen Cherry Hill Factory in Union City. Last summer Racoon Refuse owner Ernest Sell announced plans to buy the property, and build a transfer station for his business. Part of his plans where to build a green space park, and a community center, turning the eyesore into a much welcomed need for the borough.

But those plans won’t happen, as a deal could not be finalized on the property. The property owner has long ignored requests to clean up the property, but now Union City Borough says its run out of patience, and has submitted deadlines for it’s clean up to finally take place. On the large vacant lot, stands a for sale sign, along with the empty silo, and graffti that’s never been cleaned.

Union City Mayor Natalie Malec Wilmoth isn’t the only person disappointed. “It is certainly a disappointment that Mr. Sell and Mr. Boone were unable to reach an agreement on the sale of the Cherry Hill property. Sadly, this property has become too large of a focal point for our Main Street. It is not an accurate representation of who and what we are as a community. The Borough of Union City has already alerted the current property owner of the various ordinance violations and established a timeline for correction of the violations. If improvements are not completed in a timely manner, further fines and actions will be taken. There are many groups working together and collaborating to improve our community. It is my hope that in the future, another project can utilize this property and turn it into a viable asset to our community. I am gratfeul that Mr. Sell made such an extensive effort to expand his local business within our community and wish him all the best as his company continues to grow.”

The property is expected to be cleaned up this spring.