Cherry Hill Property Owner Won’t Sell Property


Cherry Hill Property Owner Won’t Sell Property

By Chris Lash

New information on the blighted former Cherry Hill factory property. According to property tax records, CB Enterprizes LLC based in Englewood, Florida, owns the property and Carl Boone is president of the company. Various issues have plagued the property and borough since the fire almost a decade ago, and local reports also indicate that the owner hasn’t accepted deals to sell it in the past. Most recently there was another problem. A dog recently became trapped on the property and had to be rescued from one of the buildings with the help of Tony Rekitt, an officer with the Union City Police Department, and the ANNA Shelter.

Racoon Refuse had tried to get a deal on the property to build a transfer station, a park, and a community center. Union City Borough Council has now given Boone deadlines to clean up the property.

Boone at one point even sued the Union City Fire Department and the borough for failure to “act with a sense of urgency”. Now a large for sale sign stands on the property.