Bears Dominate Tigers


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By Jasmine Desarae

Staff Writer

UNION CITY – Friday night was the Union City Bears homecoming and wall of achievement event. The Bears took on the Maplewood Tigers and came out on top with a 59-29 victory. During half-time, the homecoming king and queen were crowned. Congratulations to the 2018 queen, Lauren Murphy and king, Jaden Richardson.

The game started with Maplewood winning the coin toss and deferring the ball, giving Union City the first chance to score. Their start was not a strong one, after the Tigers recovered the ball on kickoff. The team quickly moved down the field as running back Chevy Blake and quarterback JD McFadden took turns advancing the ball. Their drive put the Tigers on the board early 7-0 with 9:47 left quarter one.

The Bears tried to retaliate with pitches to Kinney and Henry. After getting a first down on 4th and inches, the ball came loose from Henry’s hands, and Maplewood recovered the ball again. After a pass to Ethan Wright for 69-yards, the Tigers were in the endzone again moving further into the lead.

Quarterback Blake Horanman used the power of Kinney and Henry to eventually create the first Union City TD of the night, lessening the gap between Maplewood, 14-6.

The Union City defense kicked into gear, with Matt Krause, Matt Long and Henry forcing the Tigers to turn it over on downs. Kinney started his game strong getting the Bears about fifteen yards while carrying Maplewood’s players with him. Hornaman leaned forward for UC to keep the drive alive. Ryan Woinelowicz and the rest of the O-Linemen created big blocks to open holes for the running-backs. After a flick from his QB, Kinney juked the Tigers for a 1st down. On second and goal, Henry was in the endzone with 10:44 left in quarter two – tying up the game.

Logan Kesselring, Tallin Henry and the Bears’ defense. Slowed down the Tigers momentarily. After a deep pass to Wright, Maplewood pulled ahead again – 21:14. The Bears quickly answered as Kesselring, Henry, Kinney and Hornaman advanced the ball down the field eventually setting up Horrnaman’s pass to Miles Parker. With 5:42 left in Q2, the Bears were up by one 22-21.

Krause, Long and Kesselring did not allow the Tigers to go anywhere. When Maplewood attempted to throw down the field, Kinney intercepted the ball making it the Bears’ turn once more. After a penalty for moving against UC and an incompletion, the Bears managed to raise their lead 28 -21. Matt Long used the Bears adrenaline on the field to quickly stop the Tigers with three yards to go.

Hornaman’s pass to William Burgess gave the Bears a 1st down. This drive was not an easy one for UC. A beautiful pass to Parker was called back due to an unsportmanslike penalty on the Bears – a call that had the crowd loudly booing the refs. A replay on 1st down made it 1st and long for Union City, but with a pass complete to Kinney, the Bears were in the endzone again. After Kinney walked in for the 2-point conversion, UC was up 34-21 at halftime.

After a wonderful performance by the Union City Marching Band, the crowning of Lauren Murphy and Jaden Richardson, and recognizing the Wall of Achievement inductees one more time, the teams were back on the field to start the second half.

Union City came out strong, recovering the football on kickoff. It was not long before Henry was in for another TD. The Bears early score in the third quarter changed their lead to 44-21. Krause and Tyler Hedderick on defense put the pressure on Maplewood, moving them back 5-yards. The defense, combined with 5-yard penalty, created 4th and 22, requiring the Tigers to punt the ball away.

Maplewood’s defense quickly responded by picking off Hornaman. The Tigers pushed themselves back to the 31-yard line after a unspormanslike penalty. The Bears helped them out with a pass interference call. The Matt’s played a big role in stopping Maplewood’s offense. After Krause came up with a sack, UC got the ball back.

Kinney and Henry moved down the middle to advance UC. Again, the Bears were in the endzone – 52-21. The offense would be given another chance after the Bears defense quickly shut down the Tigers. Ryan Newton and the gang started the 1st down drive with a stop. On 2nd down, Kinney was in coverage to break up a pass. Long finished 3rd down strong, with a sack on the Tiger quarterback. Kinney rose to the occasion finding running room and disappeared down the field of another TD. The Bears switched it up with a kick by Long for the extra point – 59-21.

After a scoreless 3rd (and most of 4th) quarter, Maplewood eventually put points on the board again. The Tigers cut their deficit by 30 making the score 59-29 at the end of the game.

Union City has a big week in sports coming soon. Monday, October first. The girl’s junior high basketball team will face Cambridge Springs in Union City. Tip off will be at 4:00 PM. Following, the girls’ varsity volleyball team will battle Seneca at 7:00 PM. On Tuesday, the 2nd of October, both the junior high and varsity cross country teams will travel to compete against Harbor creek and Seneca. The Bears football team will end the week at Mercyhurst Prep for Friday night football at 7:00 PM.